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I was born the 16th of June in 1960. My business title is eidg. diplomierter Wirtschaftsinformatiker what means that I'm having a kind of federal diploma in IT. I'm working as a Projectmanager in Swiss Financial Industry.
Since May 1986 I'm married with my wife Anita. We have two girls, Sabrina and Yasmin.
We live in a beautiful place named Eidberg. This is next to Winterthur, Switzerland and has a population of around 160 people. If you'd like to see us and have a chat with us, we meet every Thursday evening in our nice Restaurant while drinking beer, wine, coffee or whatever you like. I can also recommend the food here.... (Restaurant Frohsinn)

My three ladies love to have a ride on our horses, while I prefere to have ride on my Triumph Tiger.

I'm in the IT-arena since 1984 where I started my it-live as a Programmer for commercial applications. This becomes too less exciting after some years. So I joined a French Software-company where I was responsible for the partner management and the development of a generator for their programming language. In 1994 I changed my live and stepped over to the sunny side of the computer-industry.

As Java came out I tried to learn it and this is what came out. I do not intend to be a good Java programmer, especially I'm far away from beeing an expert in OO-technologies, but it makes a lot of fun and helps to clear the brain from the daily business.

...so there is a big chance Admin is going to have more functions.....

I also do things out of iron, there you can buy the things I did or you can come and do it on your own and learn the exiting work with iron. See it on www.schweissbar.ch

My postal adress is

Fredy Fischer
Hulmenweg 36
8405 Winterthur

Last modified: December 5. 2010