I did this tool, to allow us the simple generation of a DNS-Server, based on BIND 8. It is not yet complete, there are lots of DNS-specifica missing. But the intension here is to give to you a example, how a generated application could look like and to see in a example my ideas behind the code-generation feature inside Admin.
DNStool uses the DBcomboBox-widget as a selection for a host or domain.
The Main-Frame of the Tool is called DNStool and you launch it as follows:
java applications.dns.DNStool [host] [user] [password]
As all the applications generated with Admin, DNStool is looking for the file t_connect.props in the user.home-directory known by java. If it is in a Unix-environment, this will be the users home-directory, on other systems (or if desired) you give this location over to java by the parameter -Duser.home=[directory].
The first thing to do is then to create a database named dns and when you launch DNStool the first time you select generate database from the menu.
This tool is able to serve multiple singel DNS-servers, so the first step is to enter the domain in the Domain-Window. Then you enter the hosts of this domain. If this step is done, you have to tell the tool your MX-server, you select the nameserver, the forwarder, enter aliases and information records. As all this is done, you can create the dns-serverfiles by selecting Create DNS Server, this will generate the following files stored in a selected directory:

get the sources as zip here and the classes as zip here as well as you need the basics classes to run it. You an see as well the ImageButton class enabling a rollover-button.

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