No Patches for 2.4.0

No Patches for Version 2.3.1

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or do a right-click and select save as to store it onto your disk

Version 2.2 as of 9. February 2003

Admin does not save the connect properties fine. So you need to unpack this into gpl/fredy/admin

CreateTable now only loads the Attribute-Types given from the RDBMS into the GUI. If nothing is available, it uses Standard-Values. This has been done to better support different RDBMS (learnt form Empress)
Unpack this into gpl/fredy/sqltools

rdbms.dat is missing within the webinstallers.
Please copy it into gpl/fredy/share

JDBCAdapter 10. April 2002

JDBCAdapter does not support NUMERIC types. This affects ORACLE-User. These files correct this and return NUMERIC as Float.class.
get it here for the admin main, copy it into gpl.fredy.share and compile it there
and here for the generated applications, copy it into applications.basics and compile it there

GenerateXML und JDOM-B7/8

As of deprecated methods in JDOM-B7 not anymore available in B8, please compile this source into gpl.fredy.admin

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