About SQL Admin

In the beginnings of Java I had my first look at this exciting product. So I decided to learn more about Java. As beeing a developer for data-base-applications and generator in my former life it was a short decision to use a database related case for learning Java. So I started at the end of 1995 the development of a tool to manipulate mySQL-Datatabase.
As JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) supports a lot of functions around metadata, it was a good starting point for learning Java. When Swing came out the GUI-capabilities of Java got much more functionalities. So I choosed Swing as the GUI-representation of my new tool.
The first steps with Java where pretty hard for a procedural software developper I was of about then years, but thanks to the help of some friends I got my first impression of how object oriented programming probably looks like and was able to implement the first function.
To really get on speed I did not choose a 'Hello World' thing, so I've started to develop SQLadmin. And this is what came out while 25 years of continous improvement...


Connecto a lot of DBs with JDBC

Generate Code to use your DB with JSF

Create easy data selection

Connection Pool


SQLadmin uses a connection pool to connect to the db. Inside SQLadmin the connection parameters are read from the login window.  This function can also be used by your programs. Just use the class sql.fredy.connection.DataSource in your application. The easiest wy is to generate a properties file from the logn-window by clicking the lowest left button. If you save this file in the directory 'user.home'/sqladmin/poolconfig/defaultDBpool.props it will be found automatically. The password is encrypted and not saved in plain text.  Alternatively you can create environment variables to establish the connection

JSF Code


SQLadmin is able to generate JSF-code. It creates a stateless or a statefull bean and the according managed bean as the controller. I also creates a CRUD-application for the selected table also offering the export of the data to a XLSX-file.It needs primefaces underneath I have intensively tested it with Apache Tomcat 8.